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Who We Are

 Cruisers Unite!!! 


  Drivers spent their evenings during the Hopkins’ cars and bars days driving up and down the thoroughfare.

 Showing off their prized automobiles to their friends and anyone who would turn their heads to see them driving by.

Who are the HopkinsCruisers?  

OK Cruisers, this is your calling.. Your chance to describe our special group. Feel free to email me your submissions and I will start posting them here.


  We Hopkins Cruisers are not just one person or one small group of people, We are the people who lived, worked and played around Hopkins Minnesota. Most importantly, we cruised our mainstreet at some point in time and perhaps for some of us, it was the best times of our lives.


                         Mike Tudor


  We were the original Hopkins Cruisers!  In the mid-late 60's we cruised Main Street from Jay's Pizza on the east end to Suburban Square on the west end & hung out at "the wall" until the cops chased us away.  It wasn't about showing off our cars back then because most of us couldn't afford "hot" cars.  It was all about seeing our friends, finding out where the parties were, boys meeting girls, and girls meeting boys!  I wish I had a nickle for every time I drove down Main Street back then!



                        Judy Rende

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