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Hopkins Cruisers Raspberry Festival Motor Show / Midnite Market Roll-In / Reunion Cruise!!

  Our 1rst annual Hopkins Cruisers Reuinion Cruise was held in Hopkins Minnesota July 20th 2013. It was a beautiful summer day and the old Burger King lot right off Main was a perfect place to gather and park. We had quite the turnout! This amazing event took place as a result of several fortunate circumstances and alot of excited motivation so many many thanks and much appriciation to everyone who came out and brought food donations and especially Jenny Mortenson for her key role in and throughout this entire experience.

   I was really missing my cruising days with old friends, so I did something about it. I started a page on Facebook and called it "Hopkins Cruisers", I added a bunch of my old cruiser friends I knew including Jen, then Jenny and everybody else started adding all of thier cruiser friends. One evening we were commenting on a post when Toby suggested we have a reunion cruise!

                             What a great idea!! What a dream come true!

 LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!  Saturday July 19th 2014 Same time and place!! Can't wait to see all of you again!!



Mike "CaddyMan" Tudor

Next Reunion Roll-In and Cruise July 20th 2024!!  See you there!

Hopkins Cruisers Raspberry Reunion Motor Show



Big Wheels Races 9:00am-12pm


Reunion Roll-In and Cruise 6:00pm to 11:11pm

Click here to join our FB Group and get the invite

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